From football fan
to FX trader

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Know the basics. Play to win.

As a football fan, you are familiar with concepts like analysis, transfers and strategy. These are skills you can apply to trading – all you need to do is learn the basics of the forex game so you can start scoring goals!

Recognise the playing field

Did you know that just as football is the world's most popular game, FX is the world's most widely traded asset class?
The daily trading volume in FX markets is over $5 trillion – no wonder so many people want to try their skills at forex trading!

Top 5 Most Popular Sports

Top 5 Most Traded Markets

Know the major players

In football, there are a few major teams that everyone follows; in FX, it's the same - there are 8 most traded currencies.

Top EPL teams​*

Top trading currencies​

*Data taken 18/03/21

Learn how the game flows

Whether it's MCY vs BAR on the football pitch or GBP and EUR in trading, it always takes two sides to make a game of it

To understand more about the world of forex, who the major players are and how to trade them, you can check out our Introduction to FX trading guide.


Know the mechanics of the game

Whether it's a player in the football transfer market or a currency in the FX market, one of the secrets to success is "buy low, sell high".

Every team has its own stories of great transfer coups and flops. Your goal as a manager or trader is to find undervalued assets, sell them before their decline and bank the profit.

Profiting from a player transfer

Over the course of the transfers, the total profit is €12.5 million – plus the services of a star player!

Profiting from a Forex trade

You decide to trade EUR/USD, expecting the Euro currency to strengthen against the US dollar.

The value of your trade has increased, so you net a profit of $1,000!

Get high performance gear

Being equipped with the best gear makes all the difference; top footballers walk onto the pitch in good boots; top traders go in armed with the right tools.

Filling your kit bag with tools like the world-leading MT4 trading platform and PsyQuation for AI-assisted analytics will make your trading experience easier and more powerful.

To learn more about the world’s most popular trading platform, check out our Introduction to MT4 guide.


Secrets of the Pros

The day-to-day routine of a professional trader


Measuring performance

The day-to-day routine of a professional trader


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